Easy Paw Handling Guide:
Train Your Puppy for Stress-Free Nail Trimming
This is your step by step blueprint to help your pup become more comfortable with paw handling.

Meet Linda May Myers

Linda, a devoted dog walker, Ramsey Financial Coach, and an unapologetic dog enthusiast whose life is a testament to her love for family—including her cherished animals—and a deep appreciation for all things natural. Anchored by her unwavering faith in Jesus, her journey through life is marked by a commitment to do more, give more, and serve more, reflecting her beliefs in every action and decision she makes. As a follower of Christ, she embodies love and compassion, making her a source of inspiration and light in her community.

With a passion that extends beyond the trails she walks with dogs, Linda employs her financial coaching skills to lead others toward financial peace, drawing upon the principles of Dave Ramsey. With over 12 years of experience helping others with their finances, her mission is to help families live the life God created them to live...not one of stress, fear, guilt, or shame (especially around money) but one of freedom to DO MORE, GIVE MORE, AND SERVE MORE... because that is her mission. Her expertise is not only in managing finances but also in deepening the special bond between pets and their owners, securing her a place of trust and respect among those she helps.

As a NERD - a Never Ending Reading Diva, Linda immerses herself in the world of books, seeking wisdom and adventure within their pages. This relentless pursuit of knowledge not only enriches her own life but also empowers her to connect with, inspire, and serve others in meaningful ways, always with her motto at heart.

Her advocacy for a natural lifestyle merges seamlessly with her spiritual beliefs, promoting a life that honors God’s creation through holistic wellness and sustainability.

Motivated by her faith and the desire to explore the world, Linda dreams of traveling to new places, embracing different cultures, and witnessing the majestic beauty of God's earth firsthand. Her adventurous spirit, fueled by a desire to do more, give more, and serve more, inspires everyone fortunate enough to cross her path, making Linda not just a mom but a mentor, friend, and a shining example of a faith-driven life.

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