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Meet Linda May Myers

I’m Linda, a LEO wife, homeschooling mama, financial coach, and lover of natural things!

I have always been… well kind of a nerd and still am! I actually enjoy creating budgets, reading books and learning new things. Oh, and don’t get me started on a good organization or a good DIY project! (Have you seen the post about whitewashing my fireplace??)

I always have my hands in many pots… I don’t know why that’s just how I operate. I share and educate about essential oils to support my essential oil addiction LOL, I am a financial coach, and love to inspire and support teen entrepreneurs. I enjoy working in the kitchen and planning a new garden, but my real superpower is homeschooling not one but two teenagers… scary I know!

All in all, I am on a journey of creating a life that INSPIRES me to be who GOD created me to be. Be true to who I am regardless of how crazy or nuts it may seem.  Come hang out!

I look forward to sharing the journey with you, and LOVE to hear from you about- well anything!!  
We have many goals for our future that include helping others, traveling, and serving our LORD. 
You can hit me up on social media anytime!

What goals are you ready to accomplish? What dreams and plans do you have for your future? What would you do, where would you go, who would you help if money was not an issue?

P.S. Ask me about the juice has TOTALLY changed my and my families’ lives! We’re talking about energy with autoimmune and staying well all year round!

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