90 Day Reset

Building an Attainable Foundation of Health


In 90 days you will reset your health and transform your world! We are talking mental, physical, and even a little spiritual health
(y'all know I love Jesus)

You will have better health, a better mindset, be more comfortable in your own body (this is HUGE) and have established some great habits in your life!

When we up our health game we level up our life.
Health is the true wealth!
(says the financial coach ;0)
Why work with me??

What you will get from me:
  • A Private FB group community
  • AMA Events (askme anything)
  • Wellness assesment
  • Daily posts
  • Daily printable checklists
  • Foundational Nutrition
  • Key health habits embeded in your life
  • Weekly mindset work
  • A system for getting healthy food on the table fast
  • Increased intential movement
  • Motivational music and scripture
  • Ongoing education about body systems and how to best support them starting with the digestive system
  • Guest speakers:
    •  Mindset & Belief
    • Breaking through emotional blocks (including trauma)
    • Nutrigenetics (Functional Dietician)
    • and possibly more!!!
  • and of course we will have GIVEWAYS!!! 

Now, if you're like me, you want to know all the details, so here you go:

We will start by identifying why we are here and what it is specisifically we each wish to accomplish over the 90 days, and more importanty then why we want but why we want it.  

 Then we will systematically build a scripture-based growth mindset that will allow you to reach the goals you set for yourself. When you have goals you want to achieve, but you are failing at every turn, or you have walls you need to break through, but something is stopping you, often it takes someone who is a safe place who can help you find the root and walk you through pulling it out.

Laying the foundation of core nutrition is next. This happens with food and suplements because in our fallen world even organic food isn't going to get us there.

I will show you the simple and flexible system that I use that allows me to get wholesome meals on the table for my family each night. When you know you can get dinner on the table in 30 minutes or less, you are less likely to take a trip through the drive-through or rely on freezer meals.

Together we will establish some core healthy habits utilizing a daily tracker that will help you level up your health without much work. Step by step, we will incorporate easily sustainable habits. 

There will also be guidance in regards to incomrporating more intentional movement in out lives that you can do at home with no gym. (this is definately my weakness!!) I may have some surprize guests in this area..TBD  

Michelle Tasker, a functional dietician will be coming in to share information and answer questions. She deals with nutrgentics, and focuses on mindful & instinctive eating approach when it comes to health

Lysett Hill will be ofering a group Anointed to Soar session which is a healing process guided with prayer, that walks step by step through to the root of where a block/trauma/wound is, so that it can be processed, released, & healed. (if you think you don't need this- trust me you are wrong. (ask me how i know)

Are you ready to jump in with us? It's literally free when you grab the supplements you'll need for your body to respond the best to all that we are doing. Remember what I said about core nutrition and food not being enough? Enter MASTER FORMULA...

Master Formula is a full-spectrum supplement that provides vitamins and minerals that can help support bone density and health, brain function, cellular protection, digestive health, energy levels, eye health, heart health, immune support, and skin health. Its food-based ingredients are delivered in three ways for a synergistic complex that supports digestive health, helps neutralize free radicals in the body, and provides gut flora-supporting prebiotics.  

(wow- I need to take a breath after reading that ;0) Now go back and read that last paragrah again- there was alot in there.

And even better, they come in proportions packets! (don't you just love easy!)

There will also be a chance to win GIVEAWAYS & PRIZES...
1. CASH: for every 20 people that join the 90 Day Reset before February 28th 2022, I will give aways $25.00!!! So invite your friends and lets give away lots of money because there is NO LIMIT on this!!
2. Journal & Tracker: Recieve my printed 90 Day Reset journal & tracker by helping a new to Young Living friend join the reset!! You can choose between the blurberry or ranberry cover design. 
3. Products: There will be giveaways in the group for various products based on participated and some just for fun!!

One thing is true- everyone will win by building an attainable foundation of health!!!

NOW LET'S GO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Master Formula??

Are you ready? Awesome Sauce!
The video to the left will walk you through how to order your Master Formula- it's easy peasy!! 
Once you receive confirmation of your purchase, be sure to shoot me a copy (or the brand partner that you are working with) and I will get you in the group!! 
If someone else sent you this link, be sure to reach out to them to get started with their member number before you order!! If you have any questions shoot me a message!  I am happy to help!!!!
The video above walks you through placing an order in under 5 minutes 
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Are you already a Young Living member and want to participate? 
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When you join the 90 Day Reset and invite a friend to join you 
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