A Few of My
                             Favorite Things
My Red Drink
It wasn't that long ago that I was losing the battle against autoimmune disease daily. Naps were a daily occurrence, my hair falling out, dry skin, and digestive issues. Although I was on medication and my numbers were "good" I felt like crap most of the time.

That was until I found Ningxia! and now I make and drink my red drink daily. The basic recipe is in a quart jar over ice: 2oz Ningxia, 1/2 tsp sulferzyme powder, 2 drops of citrus fresh vitality. Add water, stir and drink!

I have gotten fancy and added probiotics, golden turmeric, or different oils to mix it up a bit!

My Vitamix Blender
This bad boy is used almost every day in my kitchen and if it is not on my counter, trust it is not far away! I use it for:
     Grinding grains
     Making nut butter
     Chopping onions
     Mixing up pancake or waffle batter
     Homemade baby food (although I currently dont need that-lol)
     Apple sauce
     And MORE!!

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Juice Plus Gummies
I love just how easy I can to ensure that my family is getting enough fruits and veggies! The kids and I take the gummies (because they are yummy and it's fun) Chad takes the capsules... well because they are cheaper! LOL (Although I will admit putting the capsules in my smoothies for an extra boost!

I keep the gummies at my desk and use them as a quick and healthy snack when I feel the need to munch!

My Diffuser & Essential Oils
Whether I am trying to boost my family's immune systems, relax after a stressful day, deodorize from a stinky dog (or boy), or just create a warm and inviting environment in my home (especially at Christmas) nothing beats my diffuser and essential oils. 

I started this love affair with a starter kit that included my diffuser and a bunch of oils, but you can also just pick a diffuser and some oils that fit your needs!