What is the purpose of the book collab?
The financial coach book collaboration will share stories of financial coaches from different backgrounds with different stories who help different people. 

No matter the differences between the people, one thing remains true: Money Matters. 

This book will be a collection of stories that will inspire everyone that reads it to take action.
What is in it for you?
Being a part of the financial coach book collaboration will give you

You will be able to call yourself a
Published Author
(and a best selling one at that if we all do our part)

It is a great way to dip your toe into the world of writing if you aspire to 
Write Your Own Book

It will expand your audience and allow you to connect with
Future Clients

Physical copies as well as ebooks right from your own website to 

Generate Income

This book will raise awareness of our profession and educate our audience.

Why work with me?
I was a part of The Invincible Family Project in 2021 
that hit #1 in multiple categories on 
Amazon's bestseller list.
What people say about me?

Professionally Edited
Professionally Proofread
Have a Professionally Designed Book Cover
Be Published On Amazon and more...
The cost of participating in this book collaboration this time around is only $497. 
You will get your chapter in the book along with your bio and contact information. And be a part of something big!! 
I handle all the behind-the-scenes work so you don't have to.  You only pay if accepted to the project.
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