Complete Kitchen Overhaul!

Complete Kitchen Overhaul!

We are going to spring clean, declutter and organize our kitchen!!


Kitchens are tough to manage. Everyone uses this room, it is used for multiple functions and it often becomes the drop-off point for all the stuff! It is definitely one of the more difficult places in the home to keep clean, organized, and uncluttered. 

But it is totally worth it…


There is something very calming and refreshing about a clean, organized and uncluttered kitchen. We spend so much of our time in the kitchen it can actually set the tone for our entire home. Having everything in its proper place makes prepping, cooking and even cleaning easier and more fun.


When you think about your own kitchen, what kinds of clutter come to mind? If it is anything but joy, read on…

Step 1: Start by thinking about what your kitchen goals are!

Is it to enable you to cook yummy, healthy meals for your family without too much fuss? Is it to be easy to keep clean so it offers you a sense of peace and doesn’t waste your time? Is it to serve as a comfortable space for family or friends to spend time?

Your goals help you decide what to keep and where to put it, or what to let go. Creating a space that truly serves you will bring you more freedom and joy in the kitchen.  Your kitchen should work for you, not the other way round. 


Step 2: Remove anything that doesn’t belong in the kitchen

Kitchens are a dumping ground for everyone and all kinds of stuff! Get a basket or a box and put everything in that doesn’t belong in the kitchen. Then either put it away or give it to another family member to do. 

WARNING: Grab a Ningxia Nitro or diffuse some Motivation Essential Oil before moving on the next step!!


Step 3: Pull it all out!

Yes, you read that right! We are going to "Kondo" our kitchens! There are no short cuts here! We are overhauling our kitchen!! Empty the cabinets, empty the drawers (the only exception is not to empty the fridge right now- but you can take everything off of it!!)

You are going to want to have a box or basket for all the items you are going to sell or donate, and a big trash bag on hand too! Discard or donate all the things are duplicates, not used or broken will not be returning. Throw away anything expired, forgotten or stale. 

Be ruthless. Most kitchens are short on storage space, so the goal is to only have things you love and use.

Mark Bittman, a professional chef, stocked an entire kitchen for about $300, he summarized his kitchen utensil philosophy this way: “It needs only to be functional, not prestigious, lavish or expensive.”

Don’t forget under the kitchen sink! Do you a dozen half-used bottles of cleaners? Check out this short video

Step 4: Wipe it all down


This is the spring cleaning portion! Grab your Thieves cleaner. Spray all the walls, drawers, cabinets, shelves, counters… you name it! Spay it and clean it!


Step 5: Break Time

Get a glass of water and think about your kitchen goals again. 

Don't like to drink water? Tired of drinking water? Read this!  

How do you want your kitchen to look when you walk in first thing in the morning to drink your Ningxia? How do you want to feel?


What do you want to see when you open your pantry? Cabinets? Drawers?

Got that happy, clean, organized image in your head? Great, let’s get back to it!


Step 6: Go through your items AGAIN!

Yep- I know you are soft. You kept a lot of items because you hesitated, were unsure, thought you might need it someday!

The right question is not, Might I use this someday? The right question is, Do I need it.  There are limited spaces for storage. Rather than shoving as much as you can inside these spaces, use their limitations as helpful guidelines on how much stuff to keep. 

Did you really go through your pantry items?? Now might even be a great time to get rid of the unhealthy stuff and set goals to eat better?? But the bottom line is if it is expired, nobody likes it, or stale- throw it out!!! 


Tip: Keep one set of lidded food containers that nest together and discard the others.

Step 7: Decide on an organizational plan

Think practically. Decide where each item should be stored. Cooking and baking pieces should be kept close to where you do food preparation. Utensils should be in the drawer nearest to the prep area as well. Glassware might be best near the sink or refrigerator. Sort all your baking items and pile them together. Sort your cooking items and pile them together. Group the dishes by every day or special occasion. Do you want a coffee or tea station that includes sugar, mugs, and filters?


Here are some tips as you plan out how to organize:


Tip #1: Store Containers and Lids Together

Tip #2: Make use of Vertical Space with hooks

Tip #3: Use Lazy Susans in deep cabinets

Tip #4: Use Drawer Dividers

Tip #5 Have a junk drawer for those random items 


Step #8: Put it all away

You have decided how you want your kitchen to feel and look now let’s create it! Don’t be afraid to continue weeding out items that don’t serve you as you put things away.


Tip: Arrange your pantry so you can see what you have— it means you won't constantly be buying the same thing at the supermarket. 


Step #9: Clean Out the Refrigerator

Now go back and do the same process for what is IN your fridge. Please don’t neglect this step or think I’ll do it tomorrow and then not do it. That same feeling you want to get when you enter your kitchen in the morning is the same feeling you want to get when you open your fridge door!


Step #10: Take a picture and share what you have done!

I’d love to see what you have accomplished! Share it in the comments or go to our FB group Break Free & Live and share it there!! Our supportive community would love to see! 

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When your kitchen is clean, organized and decluttered, you have more time to make nutritious, delicious meals for your family and time to enjoy with your loved ones!!


Debt as Slavery

Debt as Slavery

What do Publiluis Syrus, Andrew Jackson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Ezra Pound all have in common? 


Their words of WISDOM on DEBT and Slavery


Debt is the slavery of the free.” ~Publiluis Syrus

“When you get in debt you become a slave.” Andrew Jackson

“A man in debt is so far a slave.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Wars in old times were made to get slaves. The modern implement of imposing slavery is debt.” ~Ezra Pound


They all spoke about debt existing as a form of slavery. 


Even Proverbs 22:7 states that the borrower is slave to the lender


So WHY has debt quickly becoming a new form of modern slavery in this country when we know the DANGER? 


People have become increasingly more willing to borrow to purchase consumer items and lifestyle enhancements before they actually earn the money. Huh? What did I just say?


We spend money before we earn it. 


And its close cousin is true also...


We spend more than we make.

And let's not forget those od us that just don't save 

Although most people would agree that debt is not good- it still has a chokehold on so many of our friends and family members. Most normal people are just plain broke. 

If you’re in debt, you don’t have the FREEDOM to use your money the way you want.

72% of Americans have debt. Let’s take control of our money once and for all! It may not be easy but it is possible. It requires a plan, determination, and consistency. 

According to Dave Ramsey, “Winning at money is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. What to do isn't the problem; doing it is.”


So, How do I start?

First things first- cut spending. Not fun I know... but just think about how a temporary sacrifice can give you freedom later!

Next- sell things you don't need, don't use or don't like. Dave Ramsey has been quoted, "Sell so much stuff the kids think they are next." LOL
Finally- seek out another stream of income. That can be working overtime, a parttime job, babysitting, making and selling something or starting your own small business. If you don't like your current employment start to think about what you do enjoy doing. Sometimes we need to do things we don't enjoy for a season, but we should always be looking forward to creating the life we desire.  
(Check out my OolaLife Challenge in my FB group Break Free & Live if you want a more balanced life. The challenge will help you create a plan to get you to where you want your life to be)

Stop Creating Debt and…

Create a starter Emergency Fund of $1000


STOP: don't roll your eyes and dismiss this advice because you think you could never save $1000!! Often times an unexpected expense causes us to go into debt. If we have a backup plan, an emergency fund, it gives us that buffer we need to avoid pulling out that credit card. But first, we need to stop pulling out that credit card for items that we don’t have the money for…. And for a season I propose cutting spending to needs only so that you can put money aside for those rainy days. 

So, Where do I start?

Do you currently have an emergency fund?

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To access the OolaLife Challenge which will launch April 1, 2020 click here.

How is Stress Affecting You?

How is Stress Affecting You?

We experience stress every minute of our lives both good and bad. Good stress such as a job promotion, new baby or marriage can affect your body just as much as stress caused by loss, busyness, or financial strain. 


Stress affects your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to MANY health problems.

Being able to recognize common stress symptoms can help you manage them. 

Are you feeling the effects of stress on your body, your thoughts & feelings, and your behavior? 

Take a look at these lists and see…

Stress effects on your body:

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Tension or Pain

  • Chest Pain

  • Tummy Aches

  • Digestive Upset

  • Problems Sleeping

  • Change in Sex-drive

Stress effects on your thoughts & feelings:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Irritable

  • Angry or Sad Without Cause

  • Anxiety

  • Restlessness

  • Lack of Motivation or Focus

  • Depressed

Stress effects on your behavior:

  • Canceling Plans to Stay Home

  • Overeating OR Undereating

  • Angry Outbursts

  • Crying For Unknown Reason

  • Drug/Alcohol/Tabacco abuse

If you have stress symptoms, taking steps to manage your stress can have many health benefits. 


  • Exercise- if I can find something I enjoy, so can you. Kick Boxing anyone?
  • Deep breathing- try counting backward
  • Meditation- for my family that is on God’s word. Choose a scripture, memorize it, meditate on it.
  • Prayer- connect with your creator.
  • Journaling- get all that out of your head and on to paper. This can even be lists and drawings.
  • Keeping a sense of humor- smile and always possess the ability to laugh at yourself
  • Spending time with family & friends- even when you just want to go to bed, you need that support
  • Setting aside time for hobbies- if you don’t have a hobby, find one. Reading a book or listening to music counts, but what makes you happy?
  • Get plenty of sleep- create a routine and stick to it 
  • Drink enough water- half your body weight in ounces is my recommendation
  • Nutrition- give your body the nourishment it needs with good foods and necessary supplements
  • Choose to be positive- that glass really is half full, I promise!
What causes you the most stress in your life? Work, Money, Relationships or just everyday busyness??  Which of the STRESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES will you try this week?

Love this info? 
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Spring Cleaning For Our Body

Spring Cleaning For Our Body

As the seasons change, many of us are motivated to do 'spring cleaning' in our homes and gardens. The same need applies to our bodies… right?




Just like our homes, offices, and kitchens are more efficient when they are decluttered and cleaned, so it is with our bodies. When the body is detoxified, it can function more efficiently and gain resilience. 


Decluttered of what you ask? Clean what exactly?

I am glad you asked!!


When we declutter our home we are getting rid of things that have built up and collected over time, junk, and things we don’t use… once again the same principle applies.


Basically, detoxification means cleansing the blood. This is done by removing impurities from the blood in the liver, where toxins are processed for elimination. The body also eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin. 

When these systems are compromised, impurities aren't properly filtered and the body is adversely affected. Physicians have been seeing increasing symptoms of toxicity in their patients over the last few decades. 

Detoxification is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.


Spring is upon us, a perfect time of year for detoxification.

The best way to start is to drink more water! 


Hydration is SO important for ALL body functions and is overlooked too often. 

In my opinion, there is no point in attempting any fancy detox program if you are not FIRST drinking enough water... it's easy and will save you money instead of costing you money- now that is a win-win!!

Don't like the taste of water? Find it hard to drink enough?  Check out my blog post Drinking Enough Water?

 Are you ready to DETOX YOUR BODY?? 

Share what you will do this week to detox your body!

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Create a Healing Home

Create a Healing Home

Home is where we need to heal...  


Our home should be our sanctuary, a place we can relax and be rejuvenated. Home is where we need to heal. When our home is free of toxins our bodies can use its energy to heal instead of combating chemicals.


Studies are linking the exponential rise of degenerative disease in our country to exposure to harmful chemicals in our air, workplaces, water, food, and HOMES.  While we can’t always control our workspace environment or the outside air we do have the ability to improve or control the food, water, and home.


According to the site, 609 thousand Americans will die from cancer this year. That is 1,670 deaths per day! 1 in 3 men and 1 in 5 women will have cancer by age 60.


The American Cancer Society says only 5% of all cases are from gene defects, which means 95% of cases are under our control- caused by excess weight, tobacco, or exposure to toxic chemicals. IT IS WHAT WE ARE ALLOWING IN OUR HOMES AND BODIES.


Studies by The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have found 884 toxic ingredients allowed on our home products causing: 

  • learning disabilities

  • neurological problems

  • endocrine disruption

  • biological mutations

  • reproductive problems

  • cancerous tumors

  • and more... 

Some of these ingredients are even banned in other countries!


To protect your family, begin with making changes within your home. Kick the chemicals out and replace them with natural plant-based options. Start with the biggest offenders first:

  • Laundry Soap- those clothes are next to your body all-day

  • Dishwasher Soap- you are eating off those dishes every day

  • Cleaning Supplies- we are touching and breathing them in

  • Air Fresheners- candles, plug-ins, & sprays are constant chemical exposure

Dr. Andrew Sled, who specializes in Environmental Toxicology, says burning a candle for 2 hours is like smoking a pack of cigarettes. 40% of candles are made with wics containing lead. 


BY REPLACING your chemical-laden laundry detergent with Thieves Laundry Soap...  

                            your electric blue dish soap with Thieves Dish Soap…

                            your multitude of chemical cleaners with Thieves Household Cleaner…

                            your air fresheners with a Sweet Aroma Diffuser and Lemon Essential Oil...

By replacing your chemical-laden products with plant-based productsYOU are now supporting you and your family’s immune systems instead of harming it.


Let the healing begin!

 Are you ready to DETOX YOUR HOME?? 

Share what you will do this week to detox your home!

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