Applying God's Word to Your Daily LifE

Proverbs Journal
from the Applying God's Word to Your Life Series
In this book, I walk you through discovering the book of Proverbs and applying it to our daily life. I pray that this journal is a blessing to you as you journey through the book of proverbs. 31 Proverbs make for the perfect one a day for a month-long journey into this book of wisdom. I will walk you through my system to uncover how to apply God’s Word in my life daily as we read through the book of Proverbs.

I outline my 5 Step Method to Applying God’s Word to Your Daily Life that you will be utilizing for the next 31 days. These steps coordinate with the checklist for each day. This is a method that I have used in my quiet time for many years before I even realized that I had a "system." I share it with you that it may guide you and bless you as it has me.