Do you make too much to feel this broke?

Do you make too much to feel this broke?
As a financial coach, I hear this often when a client is frustrated that they “make good money” or “work too hard” to feel this broke, not have enough to make ends meet, or do the things they want to do.
If this is you, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that there is hope for you and your family. More than half of Americans report that they live paycheck to paycheck. If they missed one paycheck, they are not sure what they would do. 
This is no way to live. 
God has so much more for us. 
He didn’t create us to be constantly working, in debt, and afraid. 
And yet stress, fear, guilt, shame are all too common emotions of my clients.
Although every situation is different 


Helping You Find Hope & Freedom

Helping You Find Hope & Freedom
When my children were still in diapers (they will be 15 and 17 this year 💔) my husband and I began facilitating Financial Peace University classes at church and in our home. We did this for other as  much as we did it for our own financial journey.

While leading these classes I fell in love talking to people about personal finance and walking with them as they begin to take control of their finances.  

I learned quickly that it is not JUST about the numbers. Walking with them as they took control of their finances was amazing, but watching them break free of fear & frustration, anger & sadness, and shame & regret as they did was the best part. They began replacing all that bad stuff with HOPE and FREEDOM.
It was many years ago that I first looked into becoming a certified financial coach through the Dave Ramsey organization, but at that time you had to travel to Tennessee for the week-long training. As a homeschooling mom of littles, the timing was not right for me to leave home for that long of a time.
Fast forward to 2020, ushering in the covid quarantine and a lot of time to think.. During these months I explored what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life, especially as both my children were teenagers. (they grow up so fast 😭) I decided it was time to take that step and finally get certified so that I could serve more families better! Having walked with with many people over the years I am excited to continue the journey and offer people more hope!

As a certified financial coach, I am blessed with the opportunity to encourage, educate, and empower people to take control of their finances and let go of all that bad stuff so they can find HOPE and FREEDOM!


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5 Rules for the Eat out of Your Pantry & Freezer Challenge

5 Rules for the Eat out of Your Pantry & Freezer Challenge
Join us as we clean out the pantry & freezer.... 
                                             and save some money in the process!!
Think spring cleaning meets money-saving marathon- LOL

Today is the start of my March budget-saving challenge: Eat out of Your Pantry & Freezer Challenge. Eating out of your freezer and pantry for a month (or even a week or two) will help you reduce waste, identify meals your family enjoys, spring clean your kitchen and save money!! 

This Challenge is totally customizable to your family situation and yet challenging at the same time!! 

Will you join me? You get to decide if you want to commit or watch on the sidelines! If you are not already in my FB group- I highly encourage you to join b/c we will be having fun, sharing our journey and supporting each other!!

Today I am going to share with you my 5 Rules for the Eat out of Your Pantry & Freezer Challenge!! 

I already shared my  5 STEPS TO PREPARE FOR THE EAT OUT OF YOUR PANTRY & FREEZER CHALLENGE feel free to go back and check them out!!

So let's get down to business!! Here are my 5 Rules:

Rule #1: Plan & eat only what you have on hand
Now this should go without saying- I mean it's in the title of the challenge, lol. But it is a rule none less, so it must be stated in the rules. BUT don't miss the first part: PLAN. (I know, I stuck it in there) But the good news is that if you completed my 5 STEPS TO PREPARE FOR THE EAT OUT OF YOUR PANTRY & FREEZER CHALLENGE you have the hardest part done!! (if not- go do it)

Rule #2: Cut your grocery budget
You must spend less than you usually do. This is a deal-breaker also because this leads back to why you are doing this challenge. What are you planning to do with the money you saved this month? Are paying off debt? Saving for vacation? Planning a special purchase?

Rule #3: Allowed purchases
So this may seem like a contradiction from Rule #1, but in our home fresh produce and milk are staples and these items can't be stocked up on as easily. Oh, and I made the rules. lol. But I am strictly limiting what I am going to purchase for at least the first two weeks. 

Rule #4: Additional purchases
Okay so more exceptions to Rule #1, once you have exhausted all your meal options, you may purchase ingredients needed to COMPLETE what you need for a meal. For example, if you have all the ingredients to make lasagna except the ricotta cheese- at this stage in the game I'd allow myself to purchase it to complete that meal.

Rule #5: Have fun, save, share, money and learn!
At the end of the day, I want this to be a fun, money-saving, and educational experience!! This is not the challenge that is meant to break you- we do the best that we can. Don't skip that middle word- SHARE- I want to encourage sharing in our group your wins, questions, and progress!! Community is so important!! If you are not in my FB group, what are you waiting for?? Click HERE to join today!

Want to know more about the challenge? Want to join me for the March Budget Saver: Eat out of Your Pantry & Freezer Challenge?

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Wait! I almost forgot... 
If you join my challenge and invite friends to join too- you are entered to win a grocery store gift card: one for you and one for your friend!!!

One Step Closer

One Step Closer

Do you dream of being debt-free? 

Owing nobody nothing? 

Having the freedom that your paycheck is REALLY yours? Do you dream of the day you can give, spend and save what you decide to??


Debt as Slavery

Debt as Slavery

If you’re in debt, you don’t have the FREEDOM to use your money the way you want.

72% of Americans have debt. Let’s take control of our money once and for all! It may not be easy but it is possible. It requires a plan, determination, and consistency.