Create YOUR Personal Declutter Checklist

Create YOUR Personal Declutter Checklist

Do you need to DECLUTTER?? 

Are you unsure where to start?


The only thing that may be more daunting than having clutter is the task of decluttering... am I right? Just like many other things in life getting started or making a plan is the hardest part. 


Today I am going to walk you through creating your own personal decluttering checklist. 

It is super simple, I promise.


Our goal is to create a list of every area in your home. Not each room, but every nook and cranny that needs to be decluttered, and yes that maybe our entire home. But it will be your entire home broken into bite-sized pieces!


Are you ready? 

Grab a Ningxia Nitro or diffuse some motivation essential oil and let’s get started.


1. Grab a spiral notebook (yes, a legal pad or binder with paper will work but for “working purposes” I prefer a spiral notebook.

2. Either on the cover of the notebook or the first page write YOUR WHY- your reason for decluttering your home. This may seem silly, but when you want to give up… this is where you go to remind yourself the task is worth completely no matter how long it takes.

3. Now- I want you to write the name of EVERY room in your house on the top of a separate page. For example…
                                  Page 1- Kitchen
                                  Page 2- Living Room
                                  Page 3- Dining Room
                                  Page 4- Downstairs Bathroom
                                  Page 5- Upstairs Bathroom
                                  Page 6- Boy Bedroom
                                  Page 7- Girl Bedroom
                                  Page 8- Master Bedroom
                                  Page 9- Office

STOP- Don’t forget rooms/areas like the garage, sunroom, mudroom and shed if you have them. Also, be sure to assign all closets and entryways to a “room”. I grouped my entryway and hall closet with my dining room because it is the closest room to those areas.


4. Now the fun starts… Go back to page one. Visit the room at the top of that page. I want to spend about 5 minutes in that room observing and recording all the “little areas” in the room that require attention. For example, if your first room is the living room your list might include Entertainment center, Coffee table, Bookshelf, End table, Pile of games in the corner, DVD cases (and pile), In and under the couch... You get the picture!

5. Now go and do this for every room. You don’t have to do it all in one day. Maybe just tackle the downstairs today!


Once you have completed YOUR Personal Declutter Checklist you have a plan of action! This is a living document- meaning it will not be perfect the first time-LOL. You will add to it and edit over time. 


BUT you will also get to cross areas off and that, my friends, is a great feeling!


📋Share YOUR checklist! Show us what you have done. 


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”   ~Benjamin Franklin

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Are You Thirsty?

Are You Thirsty?

There was a point in time I had to actually train myself to drink water...

I didn’t grow up drinking water- that was something we used to clean with– not to drink. Lol. I didn’t like the taste of it, I didn’t want to drink as much as I should because I just wasn’t “thirsty”.

Where did not drinking enough land me? 

In the hospital with kidney stones. Apparently, I like to learn things the hard way. It also added to my autoimmune issues. Sluggishness, Fatigue, toxic load…

So many of us are living in a state of chronic dehydration. (and many aren’t even aware) This can create sooo many symptoms. We need water not just liquids! 

Our minimum goal should be half our weight in ounces each day. (so if you weigh 150lbs you should consume at least 75 ounces) this is a minimum- if you are already in a state of stress or are physically active you NEED more. 

When I find myself not drinking enough (it is still a challenge) I will increase my liquid intake with smoothies and soups too- but water is still a must. I go back and train myself to drink water!

How do I train myself to drink more water?

I will set a timer and drink 6-8 ounces each hour. At the beginning (after my kidney stones) I would set a 30-minute timer and drink 2-4 ounces each time because it was literally challenging for me to drink even that amount. 

I had to work my self up. All you can do is start where you are and keep moving forward. We want sustainable changes, not ones that only last a day or two.

Don’t like the taste of water? 

Try infusing your water with fresh fruit, cucumbers or Young Living Vitality Oils! 

My favorite is seltzer water with lime vitality oil... 

My daughter loves the grapefruit and citrus fresh… 

Hubby? He uses lemon, lavender & peppermint almost every day in his water because it also helps keep his airways open and him breathing easily.


Love this info? You will love my guide "5 Ways Less is More" check it out here!