This is where you sit down with a financial coach via zoom and we discuss your current financial situation and your struggles. I gather all your income and expense information and create a budget that I believe is the best fit for you based on your lifestyle and goals. I will also give you resources to help you not only stick to your budget but navigate any changes that come up along the journey.

The build a better budget strategy session is for you if you have never budgeted or failed at creating and living on a budget. We meet 1:1 via zoom- I help you create a budget that works- one you can actually stick to. In this session, we will also discuss any struggles you may have had in budgeting before and create a game plan to help alleviate them. My goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge that will empower you to accelerate your financial journey. 

If you are married, it is recommended that both of you attend this session if at all possible. 

Step one is to click on "SCHEDULE A BUILD A BETTER BUDGET STRATEGY SESSION" you will be directed to a payment page. 

Once your payment has been processed you will receive an email with a link to schedule and a list of items to have ready for the session. If you don't have these items ready you will want to reschedule your session.

After scheduling our time together, you will receive a zoom link for our session. 

When our appointed time arrives I will go over the information you submitted and ask you questions about your situation, struggles, lifestyle, and goals. 

Within one week of our session, you will receive via email a written summary of what we discussed as well as a copy of your new working budget template. 

You are not on your own after that! You can reach out with any questions you have!