My Graphic Design Services
I love creating art with a purpose!
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Social Media Engagement Packages
Includes branded graphics (your provide logo or we can add the service)  designed to promote engagement or inspiration for your group. Schedule these to post I your group 1-3 days a week when you are busy working on other projects. 
Posts can be used for:
-Conversation starter questions
-Quotes (motivational, inspirational & topical)
-Weekly Scripture (I schedule these for Sunday mornings)
-Countdowns (giveaways, book launches, challenges, new courses)
-Regular check in posts (Happy Monday, What do you want to accomplish this week..)

Level 1 Package $30 includes 12 custom branded images  4 2.50
                               (3 posts a week, lasts 4weeks) 
Level 2 Package $72 includes 36 custom branded images 12 2.00
                               (3 posts a week, lasts 12 weeks)
Level  Package $136 includes 78 custom branded images 26 1.75
                                (3 posts a week, lasts 26 weeks)
Level 4 Package $234 includes 156 custom branded images 52 1.50
                               (3 posts a week, lasts 52 weeks)

If you are looking for something different- no problem!!
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Sample work done for clients:

Your Biz Identity
Your business identity is so important when it comes to marketing and branding. Let me help you navigate this step by creating brand guidelines and a logo!

Complete Brand Guideline $75.00
    -we will create the digital image for you that will aid in all other projects such as websites, social media, business cards, publications, advertisements....
    -includes 2 logo formats, brand fonts and colors

Logo Design $49.99
     -includes 2 logo formats

Additional Logo formats (logo I designed or pre-existig logo) for $9.99 each
    -IG profile
    - Youtube thumbnail
    -FB profile or covers
    - change size
    -transparent background
    -change color
Sample work:

My Old School Jam
I started my designing journey with a certification in desktop publishing back in 1997! And I just love projects that put me in touch with my roots!

If you are in need of layout and design for a book (digital or print), brochure, letter head or anything else- I am your girl!

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Coming Soon...
Custom videos that represent YOUR brand!
What my clients are saying....