Finding Your Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a goal. A goal I believe is attainable by everyone reading this. 


It will also look different for everyone because financial freedom is personal. 


For some it may mean retiring early and traveling the world, for others, it means working part-time at a job they love even though it doesn’t pay much- or at all. For some it means living a big paid-for house with all the luxuries, for others, it’s living in an RV or a cabin in the woods. 


What financial freedom means to you is dictated by your dreams and your realities. It is only limited by what you are willing to do to achieve it. 


At the end of the day, it is when you are in control of your money instead of being controlled by money. It is not about being rich and having tons of money but having enough to cover your expenses so that you can spend your precious time doing what you like rather than doing things just to earn money.


Although financial freedom can look different for everyone there are certain things principles that will be the same. You have financial freedom...


  • When you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck
  • When you have an emergency fund
  • When you are saving every month
  • When unexpected bills are not a crisis
  • When you aren’t worried about retirement
  • When you don’t have to stay in a job you hate
  • When you can go on vacation without going into debt
  • When you can retire early
  • When you can give when there is a need
  • When you have options
  • When you are secure in the knowledge that you'll have enough money available to meet your needs.
  • When you have the time to spend with those you love
  • When you have the time to pursue the interests you desire
  • When you have the time to serve and help others


Did you see what happened there? We went from money to time… that is because financial freedom and time go hand in hand.


  • It’s about providing for your family and still spending time with them…
  • It’s about saving for retirement and still following your passion…
  • It’s about having the money and time to live your life!


If you and/or your spouse did not have to spend 40 plus hours per week at work, what would your dream life look like? If income was not an issue what would you spend your time doing? 

Would it include things like traveling more and spending more time with friends and family? Would it include mission work? Would it include pursuing a new interest or hobby? What would really bring joy into your life?

Where are you at now, and where do you want to be in five, 10, or 15 years? I'd love to hear from you!!

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