When I was in college, I couldn’t run up a flight of stairs, I took naps every day, suffered from chronic digestive issues, and dealt with a horrible monthly cycle that landed me in the hospital twice.


Finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism, meds helped but I still struggled with energy, thinning hair, skin issues, brittle nails, headaches, abnormal cycle, fatigue, and slow but steady weight gain. I had good days and bad days, sometimes good weeks and bad weeks. After the birth of one of my children, my levels were so off the nurses couldn’t believe I was still functioning. 


There were times I just wanted to sleep my life away. I didn’t have the energy to play with my children or clean my house.


It took over a decade for a doctor to tell me I indeed had Hashimoto's, an autoimmune disease when other doctors told me I didn’t. My body was attacking itself!


After doing research and consulting a functional doctor I realized that … there was something I could do to step out of that struggle


Learning ways to manage stress, watching what I ate, adding a few supplements, eliminating chemicals from my home and beauty products all made a huge difference in my life. A friend shared a company of plant-based products that went above and beyond in quality that was a game-changer for me and I found a functional doctor who listened and understood me.


I got my energy back! I felt good inside and out. My hair started growing back thicker, my skin cleared up and I for the first time ever, had a regular cycle that didn’t last forever or cause me to lose a day(s) of my life. I am so grateful to have natural plant-based options to turn to for all my family’s needs. 

I went from just surviving to thriving by making simple lifestyle changes to put our home and life in order.


And now I have the energy to create the life I desire for our family! And I am on a mission to help others do the same. For three months I decided to use myself as my own case study so that I could better document some of the changes.... 

TRUST ME- I could not wait for those three months to be over! 

                      My journey continues... Do you want to join me? 


Are you like me, struggling with symptoms that could be related to autoimmune? 

Are you ready to you get your life back? Let's chat about how what worked for me might work for you too!  It’s time for a change!   

Contact me today by clicking HERE so we can chat about what is going on in your life!


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