What we THINK and the ACTIONS we take are just as powerful if not more so than the income we bring in when it comes to being financially free. Below are three things that we need to be if we want to be FINANCIALLY FREE!!

1. Take Responsibility

The blame game has been played since Adam and Eve, and it is not the recipe for success in any area of our lives. We need to take responsibility for our lives. I know that “life happens,” but that is not an excuse to just let things happen to us.

                                 E (Experience/situation) + R (reaction/response) = O (outcome)

Have you heard of the equation E+R=O?

Out of that equation, the ONLY thing you can control is your response, and it can change your outcome. In my Faith-based Financial Freedom Revolution, we talk about how mindset (which determines your reaction) can change the trajectory of your life. 

It is up to you. You decide where your money goes and how much of it you save for later. You decide whether you’ll make the sacrifices necessary to move forward. The ball is in your court.

2. Be Intentional

I remember when it was popular to determine a word for the year, one year my word was intentional. I wanted to be more intentional with my life, not just with your money but in all areas of your life. 

We need to make choices each day- CONSISTENTLY- that will get us closer to where we want to go, closer to the life God created us to live. When it comes to finances this means living on a budget, choosing to spend less than we make, saving for a purchase instead of putting it on a credit card. 

We get to decide how we want to go through life, intestinally or just letting life happen to us. See we cannot change the past, it's gone. We cannot control the future, it’s in God’s hands. But we do get to choose what we do today.

3. Set Goals

Developing the HABIT of setting goals is paramount. These can be goals in all areas of your life but also including your finances. Many people make health or weight loss goals, but have you ever made a financial goal? Having a goal helps you stay focused. I love the saying:

                                            "If we aim at nothing, we hit it every time.

Goals are a way we can continue to grow and evaluate our lives. I know I set goals for every area of my life, as a wife, as a parent, and as a Christian. I have goals for my health, for my business, and my personal finances. But here is the interesting thing I have learned; they all affect my entire life. When I first started financially coaching people, it didn’t take long to learn it is never just about money. Our finances are an extension of our life and a reflection of our values. 

Are you ready to pursue a path to financial freedom?

Would you like help one on one with your finances, mindset, or goal setting?


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