Create a Healing Home

Home is where we need to heal...  


Our home should be our sanctuary, a place we can relax and be rejuvenated. Home is where we need to heal. When our home is free of toxins our bodies can use its energy to heal instead of combating chemicals.


Studies are linking the exponential rise of degenerative disease in our country to exposure to harmful chemicals in our air, workplaces, water, food, and HOMES.  While we can’t always control our workspace environment or the outside air we do have the ability to improve or control the food, water, and home.


According to the site, 609 thousand Americans will die from cancer this year. That is 1,670 deaths per day! 1 in 3 men and 1 in 5 women will have cancer by age 60.


The American Cancer Society says only 5% of all cases are from gene defects, which means 95% of cases are under our control- caused by excess weight, tobacco, or exposure to toxic chemicals. IT IS WHAT WE ARE ALLOWING IN OUR HOMES AND BODIES.


Studies by The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have found 884 toxic ingredients allowed on our home products causing: 

  • learning disabilities

  • neurological problems

  • endocrine disruption

  • biological mutations

  • reproductive problems

  • cancerous tumors

  • and more... 

Some of these ingredients are even banned in other countries!


To protect your family, begin with making changes within your home. Kick the chemicals out and replace them with natural plant-based options. Start with the biggest offenders first:

  • Laundry Soap- those clothes are next to your body all-day

  • Dishwasher Soap- you are eating off those dishes every day

  • Cleaning Supplies- we are touching and breathing them in

  • Air Fresheners- candles, plug-ins, & sprays are constant chemical exposure

Dr. Andrew Sled, who specializes in Environmental Toxicology, says burning a candle for 2 hours is like smoking a pack of cigarettes. 40% of candles are made with wics containing lead. 


BY REPLACING your chemical-laden laundry detergent with Thieves Laundry Soap...  

                            your electric blue dish soap with Thieves Dish Soap…

                            your multitude of chemical cleaners with Thieves Household Cleaner…

                            your air fresheners with a Sweet Aroma Diffuser and Lemon Essential Oil...

By replacing your chemical-laden products with plant-based productsYOU are now supporting you and your family’s immune systems instead of harming it.


Let the healing begin!

 Are you ready to DETOX YOUR HOME?? 

Share what you will do this week to detox your home!

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