DIY Mask Spray

Whether you're for or against masks, we can all agree that they are not fun to wear!! 

Some of us have to wear them all day long at work, some of us just need to wear them when we go to the store. 

No matter when you have to wear a mask this DIY Mask Spray is a must! It will make wearing a mask more bearable.

(Photo: Masks are from Rose Ink Boutique check them out HERE) 

Making and using a mask spray has many benefits!!

😷smells better!

😷helps you breathe better!

😷reduces mask induced acne!

😷diffuser for your face!

For a while now I have been just putting a drop or two of my Young Living Essential oil in my mask to make it more bearable... as you can imagine we have been going through a lot of oils!


So just like we make roller balls to make our oils last longer for topical use, I decided to make a spray for the same reason,


If I put 2 drops of oil a day on my mask I will have used 10 drops of oil over the course of a five day work week.


But If I make a spray bottle, I only need about 5 drops for the entire bottle which will last more than one workweek!!


So just how do you make a Mask Spray? 

I’m glad you asked! LOL


First off, I gather all my supplies and ingredients:

Empty essential oil bottle

Spray top (click HERE)

(If you don’t have an empty bottle you can get cute blue glass spray bottles HERE)

Lemon essential oil (I use this one click HERE)

Alcohol-free witch hazel (I use this one click HERE)

Sea salt (I use this one click HERE)

The essential oil of my choice ( I prefer Young Living, click HERE to see why)

Labels (These are fun! click HERE)


Step One: I repurpose my old essential oil bottles by taking the label, lid, and little ring off. Then I clean the outside of the bottle off with lemon essential oil.


Step Two: With the spray tops I purchase I have to measure and cut the tube to fit the bottle I am using. These toppers will fit both the 5ml and the 15ml size bottles. I like to cut it at an angle and long enough it touches the bottom of my empty bottle.


Step Three: Place a pinch of sea salt in the bottom of your empty essential oil bottle and add the essential oil of your choice. I suggest 5 drops for a 5ml bottle or 10-15 for a 15ml bottle. 


Step Four: Top off your bottle with Witch hazel. I love this one because it has aloe vera, no alcohol, and the top makes it super easy to fill the bottle!


Step Five: Put your spray lid on….and don’t forget to label your Mask Spray!! You might think that you will remember what it is and what you put in it…but I promise you will never regret labeling it! (TRUST ME on this- LOL)


 Now you are ready to spray your mask!! 


 Essential Oil Choices:

💐Lavender (so relaxing)

🍊Citrus Fresh (bright and happy)

🌱Thieves (smells like Christmas)

🌬Raven (happy lungs)

💙Valor (my fave when I’m feeling anxious)

🍬Peppermint (crisp and fresh)

🧘🏼‍♀️Peace & Calming (super calming)

🌴Stress Away (the name says it all...a vacation in a bottle!)

...............................................................................AND Many More!!

I'd love to hear from you!!
Let me know what essential oil you used and why you love it!!

Be sure to share this with all your loved ones who have to wear masks all day long so they can get some relief too!!

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